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Hi, This is amazing news, i have been following F1 since 1998. Its the best sport for anyone who likes technology, speed, competetion and most of all Sport. It would be great to be able to see these cars, drivers and hear those engines rattling along on our soil. One just hopes that this event does not only become the perogative of the rich and glamorous and we the true F1 fans at heart are also allowed reasonable access. Thanks to all who have made our dream a reality

Nishant Khanna

The people incharge better start work on the grand prix circuit. ABu dhabi which is alos going to host a GP for the first time in 2007 has already started construction. If no urgent action is taken, then we can forget about the Indian GP in 2009Capt. Gerard D’Souza

Waiting for one more season to watch ferraris and mclarens in dusty sunny indian roads…that will be a new testing time for all drivers… different weather / wind / heat … advantage.. only skills….. would be fun to watch….. when 2009 going to comee…….!!!!!!!!Senthil Chandrasekar

This is great news. I hope this doesn’t stay only on papers and hope that there wouldn’t be any delays in this.Keerthi Kumar

Its amazing that F1 is coming to India (or has come, shd i say)…It will for sure give more oppurtunities for youngsters to follow the sport and therby we can have a lot more F1 drivers… Thnx a lot for all involved in making a dream come true for a lot of F1 loversSajeevI m really exicted to see F1 in India. my favourite scarlets running in Indian soil n i supporting then from stands is one of my ultimate dreams. F1 rocks India rules………. thanks to all those who r trying hard to make Indian F1 lovers dream come true.3 cheers for them
hip hip hurrrrrrrreeeee
hip hip hurrrreeeeeee
hip hip hurrrrreeeeeeeeeee

Arpit Jain

This is such a great news for all indian F1 fans.I want to appeal the indian government to make this dream come true and not play with the feelings of all fans.Mohit Singhal

This is a great news and finally we all will be able to get F1 in India. Pls Politicians, Press (who dont know even the basic rules of FIA and F1 Races) keep your negative marketing strategies away and letz all get this huge sport in India. Please help us in getting the Game here and lets all enjoyRajesh M

I live in bahrain , for past 2 years , was amazed to see the bahrain Grand prix!
when small country like Bahrain can do it! why Not India!considering the potential it has got!Go india!!!!!do it!!!!!!we are all with U!!!!Sandesh Kumar, Bahrain

I live in the US, but I cant possibly express my feelings about this. I always dreamt of India rising up to the level the curent BIG powers..I believe thses are the sighns of India’s booming economy, culture and technology…. I am really excited about this event and I sure would travel to india to witness the big event in 2009.. OH! and BTW im a Proud INDIAN!!!!!!!!!!Biman Goswami, USA