Indian Grand Prix back in October with Bahrain’s ouster

Amid much criticism, the Bahrain Grand Prix has been removed from the formula one calendar and the Indian Grand Prix is back on the 30th of October.

Still no ticket sales though, BookMyShow, the official ticketing partners for the Indian Grand Prix have assured that the ticket management would be top class and they are just waiting for a go-ahead from the event organizers (the Jaypee group).

Reacting to concerns on the ticketing , Ashish Hemrajani, CEO of Big  Tree Entertainment was quoted as saying to a major Indian daily:

"You’d never face that kind of problem here,"

"That’s really our strength ; excellent customer support, a robust system and the focus on technology.

"It’s all about technology. If you know that you are going to get that kind of traffic, you have to learn to manage it. We will ensure anything like that does not happen.

"We do ticketing for events, concerts, plays. In the Indian Premier League  we do it for Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan.

"Even in IPL, there was tremendous rush but nothing went wrong. We are used to handling it. Our system works seamlessly." Hemrajani said

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