Indian Grand Prix pushed to the end to accommodate Bahrain Grand Prix


In a move that is likely to derive some moans from Indian formula one fans, the FIA has decided to postpone the inaugural Indian Grand Prix to the end of the formula one 2011 season to accommodate the Bahrain Grand Prix. The earlier 2011 Indian Grand Prix was slated to be held on 30 October 2011.

Formula One fans will remember that the Bahrain Grand Prix had been cancelled following pro-democracy protests in the country and the subsequent violent crackdown on protestors. The situation has changed since then with the protests being crushed by the ruling monarch.

A statement by Vicky Chandhok over the fate of the Indian Grand Prix read :

"FIA has not yet confirmed the final date for the race but the most likely date is December 11,"

The website of the FIA is already updated and shows India as the final race in the formula one circus. Also the formula one awards gala night would be probably held after the weekend in Delhi prompting criticism from many people about stretching the season and the weekend’s activities.

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