Indian Grand Prix 2011 Ticket Sales to start from April 2011 : Jaypee Sports Spokesperson



Its good news for the millions of formula one fans in India and also people who just end up everywhere no matter what the event is. The formula one circus is all set to land in India for the 2011 season. The race is scheduled for October 30 2011 and the buzz is already starting to grow. The company responsible for the Indian Grand Prix in India has already started talking about tickets.

The October 30 event will have 3 days of tickets, the first day would be practice sessions, the second day would be more practice and qualifying while Sunday i.e. October 30 would be the raceday. A leading Indian daily reported a Jaypee Sports official saying :

“We will open online booking for the event within a month. The ticket prices will also be fixed soon,” a spokesperson for Jaypee Sports said.

“Ticket slabs are likely to ensure entry for students as well as corporate entities, as we want to attract racing enthusiasts from every strata of the society.”

So it seems that ticket pricing will vary from cattle class to obscenely expensive 🙂 , still trying to get some media passes for the event. is arguably India’s largest formula one blog and we will be proudly reporting from the grand stands, media passes or not.

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