Indian GP boss Mark Hughes Quit : To join Abu Dhabi circuit

In what will definitely be a setback to the suppoters of the Indian grand prix, Indian GP boss Mark Hughes has called it quits and has left the Jaypee backed company which is incharge of the track which is being constructed to hold the maiden Indian Grand Prix this year (2011) in October.

The Jaypee Group confirmed the departure of Mark Hughes, the reason given for his deaprture from the Group was ‘due to Personal Reasons’. However is rumour-ville is to be believed Mark Hughes left to join the Abu Dhabi GP. Hughes himself confirmed the news saying that he was working with the Abu Dhabi GP but he is still associated with Jaypee and advising on the Indian Grand Prix event.

Meanwhile the Jaypee group announced the replacement for Mark Hughes as Azhar Ghazili who has previous experience with the formula one race at Malaysia.

"Mr Ghazali is a very capable man and he’s more than making up for Mr Hughes’s absence," the company remarked.

We sure hope so !

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