Indian Grand Prix 2011 : Cheap tickets and heightened security on the agenda


The Indian Grand Prix is about an year away and the organisers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure a successful culmination of the event. The event is scheduled to be held at a venue in the NCR region in one of the several townships being developed by the Jaypee Group. The subsidiary JPSK sports will be handling the construction and other issues related to the Indian Grand Prix.

Mark Hughes who is heading the operation for the JPSK group was quoted as saying :

"We are looking at the range of tickets for the high end of cricket games, the international test matches, the IPL games,"

"We are looking at the ticketing for the Commonwealth Games and we are also looking at the other races and trying to find a balance.

"There will be a reasonably affordable general admission and there will probably be about 25,000 general tickets. I’d like to think that we can make it affordable in the same way that Malaysia did – Malaysia have a very good, affordable entry ticket price."

"We will have things like built-in underground scanners, so when a car drives in every vehicle will get scanned,"

"At the same time, we will look at how we integrate that with the CCTV systems.

"We will have a reasonably sophisticated ticketing system that will be very difficult to forge. There will be a turnstile system at every entrance, every ticket will be electronic. Security will be ramped up, it has to be." he added

I will be hoping to get some paddock passes for the event Smile , lets see if I can put my resourcefulness to the best use.

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